June 13th about 10:30pm


I got the email I had been waiting for. 

I haven't been writing about my journey and search lately.  It was starting to become a little too real.  It was like I was talking about a mythical figure, someone that didn't really exist.  The past week has made it very real,  real for me and real for my family. 

I talked about riding up to a certain woman’s front door to ask, knowing full well that I wouldn't.  I wanted to, I wanted to badly, but I knew that would go against the rules I had laid out for myself when I started this.  Be Respectful.

Last Saturday I got an email from a woman that I had contacted, it was very simple and guarded.  Basically, just saying that she had given up a baby boy for adoption.  I got all excited This HAS to be her.  I quickly emailed back, Sunday morning I got another email from her, Sunday night I sent an email, Sunday night I got another email from her. We have gone back and forth over the past few days.

Yesterday, I sent her an email with every detail I had from my birth certificate along with the words:

Take a deep breath.....let’s begin a journey..Shall we :)

I also included a photo of myself and a quick 1 page bio of my life.

Last night at 10pm I checked my email and had nothing.  at 10:30 I decided to check it again, why, I don't know, I just did and that is when I saw it.  Almost like a giant flashing light in the middle of a dark night.  it was huge.  Her email.  The preview of it said.

Jim, Here goes, I hope you are sitting down.

I couldn't open my email fast enough!  Once I got it open, everything in the world stopped as I read the next words.

I am your Mother


I wish I could sit here and tell you that bells started ringing, that choirs of Angels started singing, but it wasn't like that at all.  It was wow.  I was somewhat underwhelming.  Weird, Strange would be better words to describe it. 

I sat in bed and just stared at the email for the longest time. I then started to think...Where does this go from here?

I can't believe how many people have read my story, It has meant a lot to me.  it has been great to be able to share this part of my journey with you.  But now it is getting real and I kinda want to keep this part to myself.  I will do some quick updates if there is something significant to write about.  Now I close this chapter of my life knowing who my mother is.  I am so grateful to her for the opportunity she gave me.  Today she exists and is not a figment of my imagination.