Is today the day?

I know it has to be there.  I was pretty sure yesterday was the day, but it wasn't.  It has to be today.  Many people will say "I have waited my whole life" and they are full of crap.  I can literally say " I have waited my whole life" to find out who I really am and today could be that day.


I was adopted as an infant and have never always been told my records we sealed.  I am pretty sure my original birth certificate will be in the mail when I get hom today.  All of these years and today I could find out what my name would have been.  What my birth mothers name is how old she was.  I have thought of this and had ideas, but today I may see if any of those thoughts are real.


It is crazy, I don't know what is going to happen, I don't know how I will feel, I don't know what to even exprect.  I just know that I am anxious about the ide of knowing.  


The mail carrier doesn't know it, and has probably never thought about their job, but today they are about to change a life, just by dropping a letter in a mailbox.  


It may be big, it may be small, but there will be a change in my life later today.  Or if it isn't there, it will happen tomorrow.  I will let you know