When will I find out?

I know about the new adoption laws and information because of Paul Youngblood from 100.5 NTA-FM.  He was adopted and has kind of guided be through this process.  He has gone through it himself.

I got a message from Paul the other day telling me he had some more information concerning the new Illinois laws, so I gave him a call.  Paul informed me of a person he know who had sent in their information and had already gotten their Birth Certificate back and had started down the road of finding their birth parents.  It got me to wondering, “did they even receive my stuff”?  “Did I send it to the correct place?”

After a quick call to AT&T direct connect I was on the phone with the Illinois Department of Public Health.  After going through a plethora of press 1 for this and press 2 for that I finally got a “real” person on the phone. 

I explained to the woman (who was very kind) that I had sent in my paperwork and my $15.00 check, I knew of someone who had already received information back.  I gave her my name and she looked through her computer and found nothing. 

My heart sank.

Nothing!  Nothing…how could that be.  I filled out the proper paperwork, I sent the check, I have to be on record somewhere for requesting this information.  It turns out that they had my name spelled incorrectly.  Either my penmanship was bad, or they type poorly.  I think it has to do with my penmanship.  She found my info and informed me that my paperwork went into the system on November 28th and that it woud be “a while” before they would get to me.  She expected it to me sometime during April that I will find out.  So now I sit and wait….and wait…and wait