Like Tom Petty said....

...the waiting is the hardest part. 

That is where I am today.  Waiting.  I realized compared to most people who have been through this, my journey has been relatively short up to this point.  It has in reality only been a little over a month, but it feels like a lifetime.


There have been phone calls made and messages left, not by me, no answer, no response.  Tuwday I put a "certified letter" in the mail.  It should be delivered today.  I have been tracking it diligently.  It was accepted in Rockford June 5 @ 2:13 pm.  Went to the sort facility @ 7:16pm.  Arrived in the destination city this morning @ 6:02.  The next update I should get should tell me who signed for it.  That is what I am waiting for.

If things go the way I would hope, I would know if it was delivered to the correct person, before the post office, sends me a copy of the signature.

I wish there is a way to see the reaction of the woman when she reads it.  What must be going through her mind.  "Finally"  "oh my god"  I cant believe"  What do you think your reaction would be?


I have tried to have a 3rd party call, I called to speak with a priest in her town, they are all on retreat, I have written a letter, and now await a response.  

I am taking a trip this weekend that puts me pretty close to her home.   I have thought about just riding up to her dooorstep.   What do you think?  Is that too bold of a move?  Is that too selfish of me?  I kind of feel that it is.  

In the meantime I just wait.  Hoping to come to some sort of a conlusion in the next couple of days.


Thanks for taking the time and allowing me to share my story with you.  


Paul Youngblood of 100.5 NTA-FM has been extremely helpful in getting me to this point  I have posted an interview that I did with him earlier this week.

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