Finally! Adoption Update

I ran home from work around 11:30 or so yesterday, wondering if my original birth certificate would be in the mail.  Sure enough, it was.  


It was odd, because my dad called me today.  As I was driving home we talked on the phone about all sorts of things, wehn I finally informed him I thought my paperwork would be at home when I got there.  The longer we talked, the closer I got.  I knew I wanted him to be the person that was with me when I opened the envelope.  

I got the envelope, opened it up and there it was.  My real name.  I was simply named "Baby Boy J####"  I don't want to give away the name, it is still just a little too private.  I found myself talking about it and searching the mothers name on the Google machine, when I found the match I was looking for.  I said "I found her, she lives at this address", when a friend said "my friend from college lives on that street."  All of the sudden this was a little too close.


Within 35 to 40 minutes I have what I believe is my birth mothers new name, her address and her phone number.  The internet is a crazy information machine.  She lives so close, I could be on her front porch in 75 minutes or so.  It is bizarre.  It is taking everything I have to not dial the number that I have for her, but that would be disrespectful to a woman who made a giants sacrifice for me.


I guess it is onward from here.  I am in a crazy world right now.  I will let you know how it plays out

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