Conversation with my Dad about Adoption

I knew I didn’t want to have the conversation with my dad over the phone about the whole “birth certificate” stuff and Christmas wasn’t the appropriate time either.  I knew that I would see him in a couple of weeks in Florida and we would have a lot of time together.  My dad is 81 and has decided that he needs to walk each day.  While we were walking around the complex, I knew it was time to have the conversation.  I can tell you it is not an easy subject, though it was never hidden in my house.

I said, “Dad, I need to talk to you about something.”  I told him how the laws in Illinois had recently changed on November 15th 2011 concerning adoptions.  I told him how I had bounced back and forth about sending in for my birth certificate.  I informed him that I sent in to see what would happen. 

His reaction was exactly what I expected.  He is such a good guy.  If there was any hurt on his part, he never showed it.  Truly I don’t think there was, it seemed like he just received information that he had been knew would come his way one day.

 I told him what I truly felt and that I would just be receiving a piece of paper and I didn’t know what kind of information would be on it.  Today I still sit and wait.  And wait…and wait…and wait.

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