The toughest part of this so far


As I sit here and write this I am having trouble with something.  Keep in mind that I truly believe I was given the most incredible opportunity of my life.  I was adopted by the most loving and caring family in the world.  I could not have been more blessed to have Charlie and Sue be my parents.  They never kept it hidden from me that I was adopted.  We spoke of it frequently.

The part that I struggle with is that I somehow feel like I am giving my Dad a slap in the face.  If I were to say something to him, he would without a doubt tell me that it was fine that I had begun my search.  He would tell me that if it was that important to me I should follow my heart.  If it bothered him, he would never let on that it did.  He would say it wasn’t about him.

In the past 5 years I have gotten to know my father better than I ever have.  My favorite thing that I have come to know about him is…He is a good man.  I am still lucky to be able to learn from him daily.  He may not be biologically my father, but he has given me life in so many ways.  Thanks Dad, I love you.

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