I wonder where this will take me

I haven’t come to this blog in a while, but I think it is time to do some writing.  I think it is more about therapy for me, than entertainment for you.  I get the feeling that I am going to be somewhat serious for a while.

I was adopted as an infant.  I have always said I wanted to know who my birth parents were, and I thought about it over the years, but I never really did anything about it.  On  November 15th the laws concerning adoption in Illinois changed, and I had the ability to fill out a sheet of paper, get a check for 15 bucks, send it in, and my original birth certificate would be on its way to me. 

This was a day I had looked for all of my life!  The crazy part about it, I didn’t know if I really wanted to know.

I filled out the paperwork, went to the bank to get a Cashier’s Check, and set it all on my countertop at home.  It took a week, but I finally put it in an envelope and sent it in.  Now the waiting begins.  I wonder where this journey will take me.  I look forward to every moment.

As the time goes by, I will continually update my story and thoughts as I go thought something that could be life changing.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions for me, please email me stone@wxrx.com