Portland Oregon

So TT and I got to Portland yesterday.  It was a long day of traveling.  After sleeping a couple of hours we got picked up at 2am.  12 hours from from the time we left my house to the time we walked into the Benson Hotel in Downtown Portland.  
We just decided to go out and see what the city had to offer.  Had heard about Powells Bookstore that it was somethng to see. It is a pretty amazing bookstore, the place is huge, but if you aren't really into books, it just turned out to be a little bit boring.  We had some lunch at a place called "Little Big Burger" pretty good place.  
We started walking around town and ran into someone witha  sign that said "In Need of Weed" a great reminder that it was 4/20.
The city has a unique feel, it is a great clean place, but there seems to be a lot of homeless people wandering around.  We got hit up for spare change a number of times.  Yet many of the people had rescued pit bulls.  They seemed to be everywhere.
Today we are at the Roseland Theater with Black Stone Cherry and Alter Bridge.  We hope you enjoy the show.  
Why does TT insist on watching cartoons in the morning, it would be cool if it was something good, but Dora the Explorer is killing me!

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