Revisiting 2010 Not Coming Back

Back on 2010, when Stone and Double T left the Sturgis Rally, it had been decided that they weren't coming back. However, 2011 had them heading out there again.

Check out this original blog entry from 2011 including the original video from 2010 claiming they weren't coming back.

"So, after months of prodding, TT has agreed to go back to the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis. Last year, after 24 hours, he said we wouldn't be back for the 71st Motorcycle rally. The morning of Friday August 5th we head out for the Full Throttle Saloon once again. It is truly a lot of work to try and bring back the sights and sounds of the Throttle and Sturgis, but we get to have some fun as well."