'If you're 555 I'm 666"


Slipknot - Disasterpeice
Monuments - Doxa
Black Tide - Black Abyss
The Company Band - Black Light Fever
Hellyeah - Band of Brothers
White Pulp - Pretty Stars and Tears
Mastodon - Hail to Fire
Royal Thunder - No Good
SpineShank- The Endless Disconnect
The Hong Kong Blood Opera - Switchblade Romance
Gwar - War is all We Know
Type O Negative - Green Man


Brian Poshen - More Metal Then You
Slayer - South of Heaven
Testament - Native Blood
Stealing Axon - Mirage of Hope
Children of Bodom - Jessie's Girl
The Contortionist - Holomovement
Emmure - MDMA
Ereb Altor - The gathering of Witches
King of Asgard - The Nine Worlds Burn
Suicide Silence - Hands of a Killer
Cannibal Corpse - Demented Aggression
Dying Fetus - Second Skin

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