So here I am in Rockford!!!!!! All the way from...Toledo via Michigan. In one way or another. It seems everyone thinks I am going to be shocked about what it is like here...the only thing that seems to be different is, that here, the water isn't neon green and I haven't accumulated hundreds of dollars in parking tickets and civil infractions for letting my dog leave his business in the park...yet! 


I've seen some stuff, man and some things, radio has taken me to Toledo...Columbus Ohio, Destin Florida and Louisville Kentucky. I escaped with my life once after a rock festival in Indiana. 


Rock concerts are a favorite thing to do, so are road trips to weird places for weird reasons and occasionally day drinking with friends while feeding the jukebox are also good times. Watching The Packers win and The Lions lose is pretty fun too. Additionally sports wise I'm really looking forward to starting a new tradition at Ice Hogs games! 


I didn't ever enjoy playing golf, but recently have discovered Wii Resort Golf. I'm getting fairly good at playing golf in my living room and now I think I like golf now because I'm pretty sure real golf and Wii Golf are one in the same. Yeah, I have a Wii...I'm pretty hardcore.


The Blues Brothers Movie is my I Ching. In one way or another I find life somehow always leads me to a Blues Brothers movie reference. I love a lot of movies and some TV. If you haven't seen Mad Men yet, I'll be thrilled to binge on it with you! 


Things that rock: laughing, hugs, my family, hamburgers, bonfires and my 2004 Grand Prix named Gwenyth Paltrow.


Things that do not rock: selfishness, vacuum cleaner cords, hard mysterious chunky things in brats and sausages, my broken I-Pod Nano and people who text and Facebook while they are driving. 


104.9 The X has a lot of heritage and I am extremely happy and proud to be here no matter how many stabbings there maybe in this city. 


Oh yeah, and that earlier part about my dog? That isn't true. I don't have a dog, I have two cats.