Captain Jack brings you '90s Proof weekdays at 4:00PM. It's thirty minutes of rock from the '90s bringing you back to a time when wearing a flannel around your waist was cool and layering thermals underneath your favorite band shirt was just fine in the summer. Now that you're thinking back to those days, maybe you've got a particular song that you remember from back then. Here's your chance to refresh Captain Jack's memory! Request the song here and he might play it. No, this won't be a Long-Distance Request and Dedication, it's just going to be some good rock from the '90s that you wanted to hear.

Just fill out the form below, make sure to include the name of the band and the title of the song. Then tune in to Captain Jack at 4:00PM for '90s Proof and see if your song gets played.

Information sent through this form is never retained or shared.