• WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan

    Interview with WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Wrestlemania 30

    I was reminded I never posted this one!! Here is my interview with WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, this was the week BEFORE Wrestlemania 30. I remember the laugh I got out of him when I said I was gonna start a riot in my living room if he wasn't holding up the gold at the end!! The WWE Universe is with you Daniel.

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  • Seth Rollins WWE Superstar

    Interview with Seth Rollins WWE Superstar The Shield

    Here is my interview with WWE Superstar Seth Rollins. When I put the info on Twitter about talking to Seth, I have NEVER EVER EVER Had a reaction like this. I've interviewed em all! This is the craziest fan reaction!! The WWE Universe, and the Seth Rollins fan base have spoken. Read More

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