The Ruckus Man

J Chapman

As The X Staff makes final adjustments for The Rock Monkey Ruckus this Sunday, let's give credit where it is do. J Chapman who is our GM, is THE REASON we have The Ruckus. With an event of this size there obviously is TONS of behind the scenes work. J Chapman has done soooo much to make sure our big day happens. Why? He believes in us, he believes in The X, and he BELIEVES IN YOU. This will be J Chapman's last Ruckus, he will be missed by ALL OF US. Personally he has been my GM, a great listening ear, at times a father figure, and a FRIEND. People come and go in this business all the time, it is truly hard to imagine coming to work and J not being here. Tweet him @jrussellchapman and say thanks for The Ruckus, to The Ruckus Man.