Abs are made in the kitchen

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With 10 days to go before my bodybuilding show, now more then ever my diet is crucial. I have been in the "cut" phase of my diet since July 1st. On July 1st I weighed 268lbs. As of this past Monday I am at 219 with 6% bf. Maintaining a strick, clean diet during these past months has been some work but I'm obviously all in. One thing that Danny Stevens at Premier Fitness had me do is weigh my food. Making sure that all of my meals (eating every 2 1/2-3 hours) are the same weight wise. Cup and a half oatmeal with egg whites, cup and a half brown rice with 8oz chicken, cup and a half greens with 8oz steak...So instead of putting your body on this up and down rollercoaster, it is straight ahead level consumption. This method of dieting (along with my workouts) has GREATLY helped me lose fat while keeping muscle mass, energy, and NOT being hungry. They say "abs are made in the kitchen", how true!! I am living proof. Put in the hard work at Premier Fitness but make sure you properly feed your body to receive the "Premier" results. For info about personal training, diet tips and info contact Danny Stevens at Premier Fitness. 3065 N. Perryville Rd. 815-290-0FIT PremierFitnessRockford.com

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