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February 26, 2013

Apparitions - Kiss Me Sleeping(Indianola)
Apolokia - Kathaarian Vortex (My Kingdom)
Byzantine - Byzantine (Gravedancer)
Centurian - Contra Rationem (Listenable)
Crest Of Darkness - In The Presence Of Death (My Kingdom)
Darkthrone - The Underground Resistance (Peaceville)
Demented - Across The Nature’s Stillness (Klonosphere)
De Arma - Lost, Alien & Forlorn (Trollmusic)
En Nihil - The Approaching Dark (Eibon)
Great White - 30 Years: Live From The Sunset Strip (Frontiers)
Heimdall - Aeneid (Scarlet)
Helker - Somewhere In The Circle (AFM)
Incura - Incura (Coalition)
Karnya - Coverin' Thoughts (Bakerteam)
KMFDM - Kunst (Metropolis)
Liberty N' Justice - The Cigar Chronicles (Roxx)
Mustach - Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven (Metalville)
Mysticum - In The Streams Of Inferno Re-Release (Peaceville)
Nader Sadek - Living Flesh (Self)
Octaves - Greener Pastures (Topshelf)
Old Wounds - From Where We Came Is Where We'll Rest (Glory Kid)
The Phantom Carriage - Falls (Throatruiner)
Pristina - Hopeless Godless (The Path Less Traveled)
Rage Of Angels - Dreamworld (Escape)
Red Rose - On The Cusp Of Change (Scarlet)
Ruins - Place Of No Pity (Listenable)
A Story Of Rats - Vastness & The Inverse (Translinguistic Other)
Stratovarius - Nemesis (Armoury)
Uvikra - Bi (Badgod)
Vuyvr - Eiskalt (Throatruiner)
Within The Ruins - Elite (eOne/Good Fight)

February 19, 2013

The Acacia Strain - Money For Nothing EP (Prosthetic)
As They Burn - Will, Love, Life (Victory)
Baptists - Bushcraft (Southern Lord)
The Beyond - Frostbitepanzerf--k (Horror Pain Gore Death)
Black Boned Angel - The End (Handmade Birds)
Coldsteel - America Idle (Stormspell)
Complete Failure - The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault (Season Of Mist)
Dark New Day - Hail Mary (Red)
Devourment - Conceived In Sewage (Relapse)
Disperse - Living Mirrors (Season Of Mist)
Edge Of Attack - Edge Of Attack (Spread The Metal)
Eight Bells - The Captain's Daughter (Seventh Rule)
Enshadowed - Magic Chaos Psychedelia (Pulverised)
Eternal Solstice/Mourning - Split Re-Release (Vic)
General Lee - Raiders Of The Evil Eye (Play The Assassin)
Godflesh - Hymns Re-Release (The End)
Kingcrow - In Crescendo (Sensory)
Kongh - Sole Creation (Agonia)
Krypts - Unending Degradation (Dark Descent)
Manilla Road - Mysterium (Shadow Kingdom)
Misery Index - Live In Munich (Season Of Mist)
Nepente - Suffering Is The Seed (Sonic Blast)
Polluted Inheritance - Ecocide Re-Release (Vic)
Portal - Vexovoid (Profound Lore)
Puscifer - Donkey Punch The Night EP (Puscifer Entertainment)
Raven Black Night - Barbarian Winter (Metal Blade)
Sacred Steel - The Bloodshed Summoning (Cruz Del Sur)
Sannhet - Known Flood (Sacrament)
Sceptre - Age Of Calamity (Demonstealer)
Shai Hulud - Reach Beyond The Sun (Metal Blade)
Skineater - Dermal Harvest (Pulverised)
Spektr - Cypher (Agonia)
Suffocation - Pinnacle Of Bedlam (Nuclear Blast)
Terminate - Ascending To Red Heavens (Selfmadegod)
Tsjuder - Desert Northern Hell Re-Release (Season Of Mist)
Ulcer - Grant Us Death (Pulverised)

February 12, 2013

Bullet For My Valentine - Temper Temper (RCA)
Elysion Fields - New Beginnings (Innerstrength)
Expurgate - Dementia Tremens (Comatose)
Glenn Hughes - Live In Wolverhampton (Armoury)
Grisly Amputation - Cannibalistic Tendencies (Innervenus)
Hatriot - Heroes Of Origin (Massacre)
Jungle Rot - Skin The Living Re-Release (Victory)
L.A. Guns - Live In Concert CD/DVD (Cleopatra)
Logic Of Denial - Atonement (Comatose)
Lycosa - Lycosa EP (Innervenus)
Mothership - Mothership (Ripple)
Pinnick Gales Pridgen - Pinnick Gales Pridgen (Magna Carta)
Psychothermia - Fall To The Rising Sun (Self)
Raven Lord - Descent To The Underworld (Mausoleum)
Sink - Holy Testament 2 (Svart)
Spoken - Illusion (eOne)
U.D.O. - Animal House Re-Release (AFM)
U.D.O. - Faceless World Re-Release (AFM)
U.D.O. - Time Bomb Re-Release (AFM)

February 5, 2013

8th Sin - Cosmogenesis (Soulseller)
Acrimonius - Sunyata(Agonia)
Alpha Tiger - Beneath The Surface (Century Media)
Ancient VVisdom - Deathlike (Prosthetic)
Anger As Art - Hubris Inc. (Old School Metal)
Archon - Auroboros Collapsing (The Path Less Traveled)
Attacker - Giants Of Canaan (Metal On Metal)
Audrey Horne - Youngblood (Napalm)
Bloody Hammers - Bloody Hammers (Soulseller)
Cortez - Phoebus (Throatruiner)
Defeated Sanity - Passages Into Deformity (Willowtip)
Destruction - Spiritual Genocide (Nuclear Blast)
Endezzma - Erotik Nekrosis (Agonia)
Frankenbok - Cheers, Beers & Beards! (Fair Dinkum)
Funeral For A Friend - Conduit(The End)
Gloria Morti - Lateral Constraint (Metal Blade)
Hammerfall - Gates Of Dalhalla DVD (Nuclear Blast)
Hanging Garden - At Every Door (Lifeforce)
Hate - Solarflesh (Napalm)
Heart In Hand - Almost There (Siege Of Amida)
Helen Money - Arriving Angels (Profound Lore)
Necrowretch - Putrid Death Sorcery (Century Media)
Primitive Man - Scorn (Throatruiner)
The Prophecy - Salvation (Code 666)
Quadrivium - Methocha (Soulseller)
Riverside - Shrine Of New Generation Slaves (Inside Out)
Slough Feg - Down Among The Deadmen Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Slough Feg - Traveller Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Slough Feg - Twilight Of The Idols Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Sonic Reign - Monument In Black (Apostasy)
Vex - Memorious (Horror Pain Gore Death)
Zombified - Carnage, Slaughter and Death (Metal Blade)

January 29, 2013

Assassin - Chaos and Live Shots DVD (SPV)
Boarders - R-Existence Re-Release (Roxx)
Circle II Circle - Seasons Will Fall (Armoury)
Cult Of Luna - Vertikal (Density)
Deep Purple - Live In Paris 1975 (Eagle Rock)
Dreamshade - The Gift Of Life (Spinefarm)
Gruesome Stuff Relish - Sempiternal Death Grind (FDA Rekotz)
Hatebreed - The Divinity Of Purpose (Razor & Tie)
My Soliloquy - The Interpreter (Sensory)
Overtorture - At the End the Dead Await (Apostasy)
The Resistance - Rise From Treason EP (Armoury)
Shakra - PowerPlay (AFM)
Tomahawk - Oddfellows (Ipecac)
Vorum - Poisoned Void (Dark Descent)

January 22, 2013

Aeon Zen - Enigma (Nightmare)
Andy Winter - Incomprehensible (The End)
Black Rose - Turn On The Night (Doolittle)
Blockheads - This World Is Dead (Relapse)
Clamfight - I Versus The Glacier (Maple Forum)
Cloud Rat - Moksha (Halo Of Flies)
Continents - Idle Hands (Victory)
Corsair - Corsair (Shadow Kingdom)
Crashdiet - The Savage Playground (Frontiers)
Deceptor - Chains Of Delusion EP (Shadow Kingdom)
Denouncement Pyre - Almighty Arcanum (Hells Headbangers)
Fall City Fall - Victus (Victory)
Fen - Dustwalker (Code666)
Giant X - I (SPV)
Golden Resurrection - One Voice For The Kingdom (Doolittle)
Head Of The Demon - Head Of The Demon (Ajna Offensive)
Helloween - Straight Out Of Hell (The End)
Holy Grail - Ride The Void(Prosthetic)
In Solitude - In Solitude Re-Release (Season Of Mist)
Jorn - Symphonic (Frontiers)
Koldbrann - Vertigo (Season Of Mist)
Kromosom - Live Forever (Southern Lord)
Lancer - Lancer (Doolittle)
The Last Stand - The Time Is Now (Eulogy)
Lightning Swords Of Death - Baphometic Chaosium (Metal Blade)
Love & Death - Between Here And Lost (Tooth and Nail)
Nervochaos - To The Death (Greyhaze)
Nightfall - Cassiopeia (Metal Blade)
Otep - Hydra (Victory)
Phinehas - The Bridge Between EP (Red Cord)
Pink Cream 69 - Ceremonial (Frontiers)
Rivera Bomma - Infinite Journey Of Soul (Retroactive)
Rotten Sound - Species At War EP (Relapse)
Royal Hunt - 20th Anniversary Box Set (Frontiers)
Saille - Ritu (Code666)
Sammal - Sammal (Svart)
Septicflesh - Mystic Places Of Dawn (Season Of Mist)
Snakecharmer - Snakecharmer (Frontiers)
Sons Of Aeon - Sons Of Aeon (Lifeforce)
Tellus Requiem - The 11th Hour (Nightmare)
Vandroya - One (Inner Wound)
Thy Art Is Murder - Hate (Distort)
Viisikko IIII (Svart)
Voivod - Target Earth (Century Media)
Void Of Sleep - Tales Between Reality and Madness (Aural)
Vomitor - The Escalation (Hells Headbangers)
Wartorn - Iconic Nightmare (Southern Lord)
Yayla - Nihaihayat (Merdumgiriz)

January 15, 2013

Alastor - Out Of Anger (Metal Mind)
Antimatter - Fear Of A Unique Identity (Prophecy)
Infernal Poetry - Paraphiliac (Bakerteam)
Insult To Injury - Dead Weight EP (Fort Charter)
Kruk - Be 3 (Metal Mind)
The Magik Way - Materia Occulta (1997-1999) (Sad Sun)
Michael Schenker - Temple Of Rock: Live In Europe CD/DVD (Inakustik)
Mors Principium Est - And Death Said Live (AFM)
Paradox - Tales Of The Weird (AFM)
The Plot In You - Could You Watch Your Children Burn Out (Rise)
Rammstein - Videos 1995-2012 DVD (Universal)
Recovery Council - Plan-Do-Check-Act (Dot Ultra)
Straight On Target - Pharmakos (Bakerteam)
Workshop - Made Love To The Dragon (Demonstealer)

January 8, 2013

Black Veil Brides - Wretched and Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones (Lava)
Entrapment - The Obscurity Within (Soulseller)
Heaven's Cry - Food For Thought Substitute Re-Release (Prosthetic)
Heaven's Cry - Primal Power Addiction Re-Release (Prosthetic)
Kontinuum - Earth Blood Magic (Candlelight)
Nine Covens - On the Dawning of Light (Candlelight)
Pagan Altar - Judgement Of The Dead (Shadow Kingdom)
Philip Anselmo and Warbeast - War of the Gargantuas Split (Housecore)
Wallachia - Shunya (Debemur Morti)
Zatokrev - The Bat The Wheel and the Long Road to Nowhere (Candlelight) Read more...

January 1, 2013

Rectified Spirit - Rectified Spirit (Demonstealer)
Sulphur Aeon - Swallowed by the Ocean's Tide (FDA Rekotz) Read more...

December 18, 2012

Attic - The Invocation (Van)
Capture The Crown - Til Death (Sumerian)
Desolate Shrine - The Sanctum of Human Darkness (Dark Descent)
Imbroglio - Declared Self-Hated (The Path Less Traveled)
Maveth - Coils of the Black Earth (Dark Descent)
Mystery Blue - Conquer The World (Road Show)
Picture Me Broken - Mannequins EP (Standby)
Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder - The Movie DVD (EMI)
Xanthochroid - Blessed He With Boils (Erthe and Axen) Read more...