In The Pit - August 31, 2014

  • Slayer - Stain of Mind
  • Brimstone Coven - The Grave
  • Prong - Remove, Separate Self
  • Gwar - Abyss of Woe
  • Anthrax - I am the Law
  • Opeth - Cusp of Eternity
  • Baroness - Take My Bones Away
  • Hammerfall - Hector's Hymn
  • Alestorm - Drink
  • Slipknot - (sic)
  • Within The Ruins - God Amongst Men

  • Lamb of God - Redneck

  • Darkness Divided - The Hands that Bleed
  • Kingdom of Sorrow - Buried in Black
  • The Haunted - Cutting Teeth
  • Darkest Hour - Wasteland
  • Skeletonwitch - Choke Upon Betrayal
  • Krieg - Circling the Drain
  • Suicide Silence - Hands of a Killer
  • Crimson Shadows - Rise to Power
  • Behemoth - Inner Sanctum
  • Six String Slaughter - Gathering Dust
  • Six Feet Under - At Dawn They Sleep

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