New Metal Releases - July 29, 2014

  • Abolition A.D. - After Death Before Chaos (Pulverised)
  • AOV - Act of Violence (Inverse)
  • Fungonewrong - Fungonewrong (Legend Group)
  • Invidiosus - Malignant Universe (Tridroid)
  • Krigsgrav - The Carrion Fields (Naturmacht)
  • The Last Ten Seconds of Life - The Last Ten Seconds of Life: 2010-2012 (Density)
  • Mutilation Process - Flesh Eaters (HPGD)
  • Sacrificio - Sacrificio EP (Iron Bonehead)
  • SOS - Strength and Conditioning (316)
  • Taatsi - Amidst the Trees (Forever Plagued)
  • UnBreakable - Knockout (Dark Star)
  • Yakuza - Kabuki Mono (War Crime)

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