New Metal Releases - July 1, 2014

  • The Dead Rabbitts - Shapeshifter (Tragic Hero)
  • Death Vomit - Gutted By Horrors (Xtreem)
  • Desaster - Live In Bamberg (High Roller)
  • Desecration - Cemetery Sickness (Metal Age)
  • Drunk Dad - Ripper Killer (Eolian Empire)
  • Eternal Oblivion - Human Fields (HPGD)
  • Every Time I Die - From Parts Unknown (Epitaph)
  • The Grasshopper Lies Heavy - Every Man For Himself and God Against All (Crowquill)
  • Illdisposed - With the Lost Souls On Our Side (Massacre)
  • Liberty N' Justice - The Vow (LNJ)
  • Madball - Hardcore Lives (Black N Blue)
  • Trudger - Dormiveglia (Church of F--k/Sell Your Soul)
  • Yakuza - Amount To Nothing Re-Release (War Crime)
  • Yakuza - Way of the Dead Re-Release (War Crime)

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