New Metal Releases - June 3, 2014

  • The Cutthroats 9 - Dissent (Lamb Unlimited / Reptilian)
  • Daemonheim - Tidian (Naturmacht)
  • Darkest Era - Severance (Cruz del Sur)
  • Deep in Hate - Chronicles of Oblivion (Kaotoxin)
  • Demonic Rage - Venomous Wine From Putrid Bodies (Iron Bonehead)
  • Diseased Reason - Recombinant (Handshake)
  • Divine Chaos - 'A New Dawn In The Age Of War (Evil Eye)
  • Dragon's Kiss - Barbarians Of The Wasteland (Killer Metal)
  • Fallen Angel - Crawling Out Of Hell (Killer Metal)
  • The Great Sabatini - Dog Years (Solar Flare)
  • Hard Riot - The Blackened Heart (Pitch Black)
  • Massacra - Enjoy the Violence Re-Release (Century Media)
  • Massacra - Final Holocaust Re-Release (Century Media)
  • Massacra - Signs of the Decline Re-Release (Century Media)
  • Mongrel - Evolution EP (Unable)
  • Nightmares - Suspiria (Rise)
  • On Top - Top To Bottom EP (HPGD)
  • Opium Warlords - Taste My Sword Of Understanding (Svart)
  • Pylon - Homo Homini Lupus (Roxx)
  • Rude - Soul Recall (FDA Rekotz)
  • Sacrocurse - Unholier Master (Hells Headbangers)
  • Son Of Aurelius - Under A Western Sun (Self)
  • Stoic Dissention - Autochthon (Rain Without End)
  • Swarþ - Omines Pestilentiae (Iron Bonehead)
  • Vader - Tibi Et Igni (Nuclear Blast)
  • Valdrin - Beyond The Forest (Blast Head)
  • Via - From The Ashes (Dark Harvest)
  • Voice of Reason - Looking Back To The Way Things Were: Voice Of Reason 1995-2001 (Ear One)
  • Vomiting Corpses - Coma: The Spheres of Innocence Re-Release (Wartorn)
  • Voyager V (IAV)
  • Warlord UK - We Die As One (Xtreem)
  • Witheria - Devastating Return (Violent Journey)

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