New Metal Releases - March 25, 2014

See if you need to go music shopping today.

  • 15 Reasons - The Art Of Commitment (Graviton)
  • Ancient Ascendant - Echos And Cinder (Candlelight)
  • Barren Harvest- Subtle Cruelties (Handmade Birds)
  • Coltsblood - Into the Unfathomable Abyss (Candlelight)
  • Darkentries - The Make Believe (Retro Futurist)
  • Die Choking - Die Choking (The Compound)
  • Discipline X - Wasted In Hollywood (Inverse)
  • Dread Sovereign - All Hell's Martyrs (Van)
  • Geryon - Geryon EP (Gilead)
  • Hundredeth - Resist EP (Mediaskare)
  • Kosmos - Le Vecteur Transcendantal Re-Release (Mulligore)
  • Linda & The Punch - Obsession (Escape)
  • Loath - Total Peace (Inverse)
  • Memphis May Fire - Unconditional (Rise)
  • Negative Voice - Infinite Dissonance (Inverse)
  • Noble Beast - Noble Beast (Tridroid)
  • Pantera - Far Beyond Driven 20th Anniversary Edition (Rhino)
  • Pretty Maids - Louder Than Ever CD/DVD (Frontiers)
  • Restless Oblivion - Sands Of Time (Solitude)
  • Rorcal - Világvége (Bleak)
  • Shores of Null - Quiescence (Candlelight)
  • Thou - Heathen (Gilead)

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