New Metal Releases - February 11, 2013

See if your favorite metal band put out something new!

  • 3 Years Hollow - The Cracks (Imagen)
  • The Bellicose Minds - The Buzz Or Howl Sessions (A389)
  • Bloodlet - Entheogen (A389)
  • Derek Sherinian - Black Utopia Re-Release (Armoury)
  • Derek Sherinian - Blood Of The Snake Re-Release (Armoury)
  • Derek Sherinian - Intertia Re-Release (Armoury)
  • Derek Sherinian - Molecular Heinosity Re-Release (Armoury)
  • Derek Sherinian - Mythlogy Re-Release (Armoury)
  • Drawers - Drawers (Kaotoxin)
  • Fear Of Domination - Distorted Delusions (Inverse)
  • Gholas - Litanies (Dullest)
  • In Cold Blood - Suicide King Re-Release (A389)
  • Lay Down Rotten - Deathspell Catharsis (Apostasy)
  • Mantar - Death By Burning (Svart)
  • Mystifier - Wicca Re-Release (Greyhaze)
  • Poobah - U.S. Rock Re-Release (Ripple)
  • Shin To Shin - Shin To Shin (A389)
  • Solstice - Death's Crown Is Victory (Into The Void)
  • Stilla - Ensamhetens Andar (Nordvis)
  • Towers - II (Eolian)
  • The Unguided - Fragile Immortality (Napalm)
  • Van Canto - Dawn Of The Brave (Napalm)

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