What would you do...........

Because I know what I would do.

So sometimes when I can't sleep or I've worked late, I'll get caught up on some news with ABC's World News Now. Last night I happened to catch a story that made me go hmmmmmmmm.

An 87 year old California woman, who lived in a independent living community, had collapsed and was in need of medical assistance. So an employee of the residence called 911 and the dispatcher was trying to get the employee to perform CPR on the elderly woman and the employee refused. It was against the independent living community's polices. The elderly woman later passed.

Now what made me go hmmm was how could this employee sit back and do nothing. Sometimes you have to say screw policy and help out someone in need! I know I could never just sit back and watch someone die.

So that also made me wonder, What would you do in that situation? Would you follow policy or would you perform CPR?

If you want to know the whole story, click here.